Sourcing quality aircraft parts at competitive prices requires product knowledge, market expertise and a global network of reputable aircraft equipment suppliers.

Shey Systems specializes in buying and selling components for all commercial, regional and corporate aircraft. With more than 75 years of combined experience locating hard-to-find aircraft parts, our sales team has the know-how and the connections to assist you with a range of aviation needs, from handling urgent AOG issues to maintaining routine aircraft parts inventory.

Not only are we familiar with a broad range of aircraft and aircraft parts, we know where to find them. We’ve built solid working relationships with hundreds of aviation suppliers throughout the world, maintaining regular contact and keeping a close eye on the market. Because of these relationships, we’re able to secure responsive service and better pricing.


Customers are our first priority, so we take extra steps to provide outstanding service—from maintaining an extensive aircraft parts inventory to facilitating fast delivery of the equipment you need.

Working from an 8,000-sq. ft. facility, our world-class service is a key reason customers trust Shey Systems to answer their most critical aviation needs, now and for years to come.